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tear up the pea patch

obsolete To go on or indulge in a wild outburst, spree, or rampage. (Used largely in relation to sports, especially baseball, where the phrase originated in reference to players running amok and ruining the game.) Primarily heard in US. Another fight has broken out between the two teams. These boys are positively tearing up the pea patch! A few rowdy types entered the bar and tore up the pea patch. They didn't even pay for anything!
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pea in the shoe

A minor annoyance. I try to be patient, but I find waiting in line to be such a pea in the shoe. A: "Can you please tell the neighbors to stay off our lawn?" B: "Oh come on, that's just a pea in the shoe. Let it go."
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*alike as (two) peas in a pod

very similar. (Compare this with like (two) peas in a pod. *Also: as ~.) These two books are as alike as peas in a pod.
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like (two) peas in a pod

Cliché very close or intimate. (Compare this with as alike as (two) peas in a pod.) Yes, they're close. Like two peas in a pod. They're always together. Like peas in a pod.
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*thick as pea soup

[of fog] very thick. (*Also: as ~.) This fog is as thick as pea soup. You can't see ten feet in front of you.
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(like) two peas in a pod

very similar two of a kind We were two peas in a pod – we liked all the same things, and we did everything together.
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a pea-brained person is very stupid (always before noun) Take no notice - he's just a pea-brained idiot.

like shelling peas

If an activity is like shelling peas, it is very easy for you. For Adam, learning to ski was like shelling peas.
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be like two peas in a pod

to be very similar You can tell they're brothers at a glance - they're like two peas in a pod.
See also: like, pea, pod, two

like as two peas in a pod

Very similar, bearing a close resemblance. For example, They're not even sisters, but they're like as two peas in a pod. This expression alludes to the seeds contained in a pea pod, which do indeed look very much alike. [Late 1500s]
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(as) alike as (two) peas in a pod

phr. very similar. (The peas in a pod are essentially identical.) The twins are as alike as two peas in a pod.
See also: alike, pea, pod, two

as alike as peas in a pod

See also: alike, pea, pod

alike as two peas in a pod

See also: alike, pea, pod, two

alike as peas in a pod

See also: alike, pea, pod
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