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grease payment

A sum of money, typically a bribe, paid to a government official or business person so as to facilitate or expedite some decision or transaction. Just offer the governor's aide a grease payment to move our building application to the forefront of the governor's agenda.
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lubrication payment

A small sum of money or other gifts or services to be paid or given to government officials to expedite business operations in countries that do not prohibit such activity. Whenever I start up a new factory overseas, I make sure to bring along enough cash on hand for any lubrication payments I may need to make.
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stop payment

Instruct a bank not to honor a check one has drawn, as in If that check was lost, we'll have to stop payment on it before issuing another. This usage was first recorded in 1722.
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The Eastern District Court ruled in favor of the taxpayers, saying the payments were not for past, present or future services but rather payments for not working.
2 million to $270,000 in exchange for a payment of $75,000.
One illustration of such mixing and matching would be for a teacher to receive set monthly tuition payments September through June, followed by a payment in July for summer camps or a required number of summer lessons, followed by a payment in August for an annual fee, such as a workstation or studio fee.
The Federal Reserve Banks conducted the study to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the retail payment system," said Roger W.
Taxpayers making any such payment on or before December 17,2001 will be deemed to have made such payments on the original due date and will not be subject to penalties.
As additional countries, transaction types and payment networks are incorporated, the rules and specifications will be amended.
Forecasts wholesale payments processing IT spend by region until 2009, with spend broken down by source, activity and countries.
The applicability of the GWE does not hinge on the fact that some portion of a payment goes to another, albeit a related person, rather than directly to the affected individual.
7) The Service clarified that the plaintiff would receive all amounts from a periodic payment settlement free from Federal income tax.
It provides in pertinent part that "compensation paid by other employers (whether private enterprises or governmental entities) to members of the Armed Forces cannot be excluded under section 112, even if the payment is made to supplement the member's military compensation or is labeled by the employer as compensation for active service in the Armed Forces of the United States.
I am pleased to appear before the committee to discuss the arrangements the Federal Reserve is making to ensure the timely delivery of veterans' benefit payments made by direct deposit during the rollover to the Year 2000.
Some banks, such as Citibank, are using the payment to write down the principal and doing the work to re-adjust payments so that borrowers can continue to benefit from a decreased interest payment.
Vendors can tailor their offerings by assessing and analyzing which wholesale payment strategies are currently either in place or taking shape.
Family support payments would not be deductible as alimony if they created either a continuing payment liability or a substitute payment liability.