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lip service

The insincere verbal expression of something, especially friendship, loyalty, respect, support, etc. Used especially in the phrase "give/pay lip service to something." All of the grand promises the president made in her campaign speeches turned out to be nothing but lip service. The local council members pay lip service each year to a renewed plan to tackle homelessness, but no one ever expects them to follow through.
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pay someone (for something) (with something)

to make payment with something to someone for something or for doing something. I will pay you for the loan you made me with the money I get from selling my car. I will pay you with a check.


one's last respects (to someone) to go to someone's funeral. I paid my last respects to Mr. Kantor yesterday. Scores of people came to pay their last respects.
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In the long run, I believe this practice of paying for media coverage can severely undermine the legitimacy of PR.
In addition, a small return on a low-risk investment in a 529 plan combined with the immediate return from the state tax savings provides a better after-tax return than paying down any remaining debts.
It was tough for me to cut back, but my priorities changed when we got married and began building a house, paying off debt, and planning for the birth of our daughter, Tara, who is 21 months old," says Marry.
Those making over $150,000 a year and paying less than $500 total 1,191 families, while 5,545 families pay between $500 and $999; 3,775 pay between $1,000 and $1,499; 3,221 pay between $1,500 and $1,999; and another 3,583 pay $2,000 or more in rent.
Under one form of self-insurance, an insurer steps in to provide coverage for catastrophic claims (terminal illnesses such as cancer or heart disease), with the employer paying either some or all of the noncatastrophic claims (broken limbs, routine surgery).
Paying bills online can be a "brilliant" way to manage your finances, says John Roberts, vice president and director of wealth management at Denver Investment Advisors.
The court stated that it will not add to the injustice by allowing the tenant Albert to receive benefits from the Condominium without ever paying for them.
Can one imagine that he and his insurance company would have carried on for seven years against that deep-pocketed plaintiff if they had had to consider the risk of paying Immuno's legal bills as well as their own?
In our research, we asked a sample of 225 CEOs where they wanted to position their company vis-a-vis competitive practices, and I think 93 or 94 percent of them said they wanted to be paying in the top half.
By customizing the policy and selecting a final payment day, you get protection for life but don't have to spend your life paying for it," said Scott Berlin, senior vice president, New York Life.
Once the district court determined that Marino was responsible, it then bad to decide whether she was will fill ill not paying the payroll taxes.
However, when paying taxes, the situation could work to either the taxpayer's advantage or disadvantage.
Paying more to teachers is not going to solve the education problem in Los Angeles, a bad teacher is always a bad teacher, even if you pay him $100,000 a month.
If paying for your child's college education is a priority, then start saving right now.