pay tribute to

pay tribute to someone or something

Fig. to salute someone or something; to give public recognition to someone or something. Many of Judy's friends gathered to pay tribute to her. We will have a reception to pay tribute to the work of the committee.
See also: pay, tribute

pay ˈtribute to somebody/something

show that you respect or admire somebody/something: Members of the musical profession paid tribute to the late Leonard Bernstein.In the past, people often had to pay tribute to a ruler, which meant paying money in return for protection or for not being attacked.
References in classic literature ?
Then indeed, would he be very rich, for all the villages would pay tribute to him and he could even have as many as a dozen wives.
He began by paying tribute to two Armed Forces officers who died when their helicopter crashed in Kabul, Afghanistan, but the PM went on to say: "I also wish to pay tribute to PC David Phillips, who was killed in the line of duty last week.
He said: "I'd like to thank and pay tribute to my wife Rebecca and my family, including my mother and father, for their sacrifices, their encouragement and their advice.
President Pranab Mukherjee and many other dignitaries were also present to pay tribute to Nehru.
I'd like to pay tribute to them and Rupert, a special friend who I miss every day and who gave his life bringing their stories back to the readers.
On this day, we pay tribute to those who lost their lives in the fight for freedom.
A candlelight vigil will also be held in order to pay tribute to the martyred police officers.
Every year the Emmy Awards has a Memoriam segment where they pay tribute to the deceased.
The Queen will pay tribute to the inspiring athletes who took part in the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics in her 3D Christmas message.
Zardari said the best way to pay tribute to Benazir is to foil anti-democracy "conspiracies".
I WOULD like to pay tribute to and congratulate local lad Tom French on the opening night of his exhibition of his paintings which took place on December 8, at the Heritage Gallery, in the old Cargo Fleet Offices recently renovated by Python Properties.
LEADING figures from the creative industries in Merseyside met last night to pay tribute to businesswoman Claire McKeown.
The event will pay tribute to two Maghreban cinema and theatre figures, namely Moroccan actor Abdelkader MoutaEo and Algerian actor and director Mahmoud Zemmouri.
I've written to President Medvedev to send our condolences to the victims and their families and I pay tribute to the Russian emergency services and the people of Moscow.
NATIONALIST politicians including First Minister Alex Salmond joined 200 mourners yesterday to pay tribute to former SNP leader Billy Wolfe.