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Every one of these minor firms claimed and received the privilege of drawing bills on Pizzituti, Turlington & Branca for amounts varying from four to six thousand pounds--on no better security than a verbal understanding that the money to pay the bills should be forwarded before they fell due.
Take my luggage on board the Campania to-morrow afternoon, and pay the bill at the hotel.
Justice Amir Hani Muslim inquired you use electricity but why you don't pay the bills.
Counsel for water board replied they pay the bills.
However, he claimed his sons couldn't pay the bills because they were supporting their wives and children, along with him, his wife, two daughters and two other sons.
They have to know why they did not pay the bill and then accordingly take the next step," said Mr Murad.
Making films doesn't pay the bills," says Jeremy, 24, who declines to give his last name.
Or, even if she doesn't, there's not enough extra income around to pay the bills of a chronically ill child.
TODAY: You've bought the presents, and now you've got to pay the bills.
Day to day, he simply wants to pay the bills due now, schedule future payments and see if the check he sent to forgetful Aunt Mary was cashed.
If the bank offers multi-access, he could use the pay phone to pay the bill while the early boarders are walking down the ramp.
He urged the people to pay the bills for getting uninterrupted power supply in their areas.
Here we are in a budget crunch, and the council decides to raid an account to combat Santa Monica Bay pollution in order to pay the bills.
I am sure that when the mayor and the council meet, they will make up for this misappropriation with another assessment on those of us who pay the bills.
When "Al" didn't pay the bills, we were evicted from our apartment.