pay respects

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pay your respects

to express your admiration or friendly feeling for someone First I paid my respects to her parents and then went into to town to see some other people. Fans waited in the cold to pay their final respects to this fine athlete.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form pay your final respects (to express your admiration for someone who has died)
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The latest conciliatory gestures from Pyongyang came on the same day as South Korea gave permission for a North Korean delegation to visit Seoul to pay respects to Kim, whose state funeral is Sunday.
The Flower-Eater": You arrived with sixteen gladioli / to pay respects to the dead.
3) Dave and Constance Bonelli brought their children Derek, left, and Alex to Memorial Day celebrations Monday at Eternal Valley Memorial Park in Newhall to pay respects at the graves of relatives.
Mr Prescott said he would join Mr Smith's widow Elizabeth to pay respects at the ceremony on the island of Iona tomorrow.
About 300 mourners gathered at All Saints Church in South Elkington, Lincolnshire, to pay respects to Capt David "Dai" Jones.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yasuo Fukuda said Wednesday he thinks Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi will listen to advice from various sectors before making a final decision on whether to visit Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine to pay respects to the nation's war dead.
A lot of cats pass and get expelled and won't be allowed to come back unless they pay respects to this game called hip hop.
This procession of humanity--church at its best--came to pay respects and pray.
For example, it had been customary to keep a corpse in the house for two weeks prior to burial, where large numbers of family members and friends crowded into a small room to pay respects.
THORNHILL Crematorium is holding a Christmas Memorial Service at Wenallt Chapel for those wishing to pay respects to loved ones at Christmas.
NNA - Druze cannibalism is not feasible; Wi'am Wahhab of the Tawheed Unification party told a visiting delegation from Swayda/Syria coming to pay respects at his Jahiliyya residence today.
I am proud to have come here to pay respects to them and all the dead," he said.
AMATEUR footballers of yesteryear will join family and friends to pay respects to muchrespected former Nuneaton club manager Bill Malone.
PAGE 7 Paying respect MERSEYSIDE united to pay respects to our fallen war dead yesterday.
Meanwhile mourners were today gathering at Hereford cathedral to pay respects to SAS hero John McAleese's soldier son, Sgt Paul McAleese, 29, who died in an explosion in Afghanistan after going to the aid of a comrade in August.