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For some reason, the Jungfrau seemed quite eager to pay her respects.
But when Amelia came down with her kind smiling looks (Rebecca must introduce her to her friend, Miss Crawley was longing to see her, and was too ill to leave her carriage)--when, I say, Amelia came down, the Park Lane shoulder-knot aristocracy wondered more and more that such a thing could come out of Bloomsbury; and Miss Crawley was fairly captivated by the sweet blushing face of the young lady who came forward so timidly and so gracefully to pay her respects to the protector of her friend.
There to pay her respects as Alma past by the swimming baths Lisa said: "Who else would volunteer for that amount of time and never take a day off?
ZARA Phillips paid a special visit to Warwick Racecourse yesterday to pay her respects to a managing director and former jockey who died, aged 56.
He was such a nice guy, always smiling,'' said Diana Lopez, who went to church with Garciaguirre and stopped by the home to pay her respects.
One of those to pay her respects at its unveiling at the weekend was 82-yearold Elsie Alred, who worked at a local munitions factory in Birchwood during World War II and was left blinded and lost her fingers during an explosion at the works.
CAMILLA Parker Bowles made a surprise appearance at Westminster Hall yesterday to pay her respects to the Queen Mother.
Reinard put on her black suit and drove to Beverly Hills to pay her respects to a man she said touched her life with his music.