pay compliment

pay (one) a compliment

To compliment one; to give one a piece of praise. It took me a little while to realize that he was paying me a compliment. It isn't often she pays her employees compliments, so you should really feel proud.
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pay someone compliment

Fig. to give someone a compliment. Tom paid Bill a compliment when he told him he was intelligent. Mary was very gracious when Anne paid her a compliment.
See also: compliment, pay
References in classic literature ?
Upon my word, Dorian, Miss Sibyl knows how to pay compliments.
com)-- Real-time performance management company Pay Compliment announce the launch of anonymised feedback to protect employees from fear of reprisal for speaking up about issues at work.
I'd have to pay compliment to our management team as well - we pushed them hard.
At Sligo on Sunday trainers were queueing up to pay compliment to the watering of the track by Brian Kennedy and his team, in consultation with clerk of the course Lorcan Wyer.
Coach Huub Stevens said: "I have to pay compliment to the team for their will to win.
With the words, "you're acting colored," she can pay compliment to a close--black or white--friend.
com)-- Real-time performance management company Pay Compliment today announce the release of Feedback Campaigns as the latest feature of their performance management platform which helps companies turn everyday observations into better performance.
com)-- By looking at the feedback patterns of customers contained within almost 3 years of feedback data, real time performance management company Pay Compliment has found some common patterns that highlight the challenges organisations face in creating a culture of continuous coaching.
I've got to pay compliment to my predecessors for what has gone on before," he says.
The traditional rulers took turns to pay compliments to the initiative of Emmanuel King, who deemed it fit to bring Town Park and Gardens to their town, they equally urged him to extend the vision of turning 'towns to city' to other parts of Remoland to boost its social-economic activities.
His voice was rich and could pay compliments in gentle tones or threaten when voice and eyes were on the attack.
It is only right to pay compliments to some of the other people who have had very respectable seasons.
The Catalan is an FA Cup winning manager and speaks glowingly about it but next season is the time for him to also pay compliments to the League Cup.
I'm not here to pay compliments to the mighty Dan Harris but to a book he has written, "10 percent Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works -- A True Story.