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Any time PATS is going to be turned in or go into long-term storage, remove its alcohol cartridge and return it to the alcohol fill capsule.
Tahirul Qadri warned Punjab police to avoid crack-down on PAT devotees while they rush to Lahore to attend the Youm-e-Shuhada commemorative.
A PATS with dirty optics can produce artificially low fit factors and fail perfectly good masks.
It's easy to tell if your PATS is ready for a trip to TMDE.
The upgrade will add embedded diagnostics to PATS so that PATS can self-diagnose problems.
PATS needs to be sent off to TMDE for calibration every 18 months.
That causes the PATS to clog and the only fix is to send it off.
The only alcohol used in PATS is pure reagent grade isopropyl alcohol, NSN 6810-01-382-2904.
WITH a first class new look for the big screen Postman Pat is looking good at 30.