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(out) on patrol

away from a central location, watching over a distant or assigned area. (Said especially of police and soldiers.) Officer Smith is out on patrol and cannot see you now. The soldiers who are on patrol on this snowy night must be very cold.
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bush patrol

1. n. a session of necking and petting. (Here patrol has the military meaning of assignment.) Martha and Paul spent the evening on bush patrol.
2. n. an imaginary search through campus shrubbery to flush out the necking couples. Bush patrol starts at midnight, so be in by then.
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References in classic literature ?
Without haste the nearest air patrol swung sluggishly about and approached the stranger.
He had landed at the latter city because the air patrol is less suspicious and alert than that above the larger metropolis where lies the palace of the jeddak.
Nor did she commence to feel any doubts until long after she had again turned toward the east well south, as she thought, of the patrol.
The beautiful beaches of Points Pedro and Pablo, where are the shrimp-catchers' villages, are made fearful by the stench from myriads of decaying fish, and against this wasteful destruction it has ever been the duty of the fish patrol to act.
The whole situation, in all its bearings, was focussed sharply before me--the shame of losing the prisoners, the worthlessness and cowardice of George, the meeting with Le Grant and the other patrol men and the lame explanation; and then there was the fight I had fought so hard, victory wrenched from me just as I thought I had it within my grasp.
As for George, it was his last trip with the fish patrol.
Even when I took command, she was fit only for the junk pile; but the world-old parsimony of government retained her in active service, and sent two hundred men to sea in her, with myself, a mere boy, in command of her, to patrol thirty from Iceland to the Azores.
From the street came a loud hum of voices, punctuated by shouts and commands, and from time to time there was a clanging of the gongs of ambulances and patrol wagon's.
Patrols operate semi-independently and return to the main body upon completion of their mission.
Dan Finkelstein, who is in charge of transit security for the Sheriff's Department, said his agency patrols Metrolink because other law enforcement agencies aren't interested in doing it.
ITEM: The Wall Street Journal for December 9 commented that Republican legislators "seem intent not merely on increasing border patrols but also on further harassing law-abiding businesses that happen to hire illegals, as if anyone can tell the difference between real and fake immigration documents.
Law enforcement has two basic methods of dealing with the DUI problem--sobriety checkpoints and saturation patrols.
Patrols operate at 147 locations in the city and the safety of the children who cross with them is of paramount importance, All of us can help them in this important role.
Slave Patrols is a valuable resource for scholars seeking to learn more about some neglected aspects of southern (and American) history.
Facilitate scouting activity and navigation of patrols using the display of a digital map and 3D surface model of the operation area