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(out) on patrol

away from a central location, watching over a distant or assigned area. (Said especially of police and soldiers.) Officer Smith is out on patrol and cannot see you now. The soldiers who are on patrol on this snowy night must be very cold.
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bush patrol

1. n. a session of necking and petting. (Here patrol has the military meaning of assignment.) Martha and Paul spent the evening on bush patrol.
2. n. an imaginary search through campus shrubbery to flush out the necking couples. Bush patrol starts at midnight, so be in by then.
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With this successful deployment as part of the AIRBEAM scenario, the Patroller takes a further step forward, following the demonstration of its ability to operate in civil airspace, based on tests in Toulouse in November 2014.
From ski-lift operators and ski patrollers, to funicular railway drivers, avalanche experts, disability snowsports employees and staff serving lunch atop the maintain in the Ptarmigan restaurant (the UK's highest) at peak season, there are 130 staff working across two of the six corres in the area.
The SE-3 Patroller is powered by multiple rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries that can be charged at any standard electrical outlet or swapped out for replacement batteries to allow for continuous use.
It is pertinent to inform that Khushhal Khan Khatak Express train was narrow escaped from an accident on Friday when the patrollers indicated a 15-pound-bomb planted at track on which bomb disposal squad defused it.
As we've grown to serve a customer base of more than 1,000 patrol installations worldwide, we've been collecting feedback that has been directly interpreted in to the new Segway Patroller models.
Warburton sales manager Tom Sugden said: "We have met many lovely school crossing patrollers.
The best way to find work as a patroller is to check for openings with individual ski resorts.
High on a mountainside, ski patroller Karl Birkeland dug a pit into a drift to check the snow's stability.
It has been more than 10 years since I saw my first sea turtle as a patroller.
During that same time, Ralph Coushman, also of Chippewa Falls, will be honored as the 2009-2010 National Safety Patrol Advisor of the Year, and Claire Hitter, a 6th grader at Richmond Elementary School in Appleton, will be recognized as the Wisconsin AAA School Safety Patroller of the Year.
Sagem has collaborated with AOI-Aircraft Factory to offer its Patroller unmanned vehicle to the Egyptian armed forces.
Summer tour will visit fairs across the country with life-size PAW Patroller vehicle and bring to life characters from the wildly popular pre-school series
Kings travel to Kiltarlity minus key centre-line patroller Fraser Munro and co-boss Russell Jones said: "This will be a really difficult match for us because Lovat are having a great season and also have home advantage.
Before 1953, there were people who helped children cross, probably from the early 1930s, but we do not know for certain yet who was the first School Crossing Patroller as there are many claims to this.