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(out) on patrol

away from a central location, watching over a distant or assigned area. (Said especially of police and soldiers.) Officer Smith is out on patrol and cannot see you now. The soldiers who are on patrol on this snowy night must be very cold.
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bush patrol

1. n. a session of necking and petting. (Here patrol has the military meaning of assignment.) Martha and Paul spent the evening on bush patrol.
2. n. an imaginary search through campus shrubbery to flush out the necking couples. Bush patrol starts at midnight, so be in by then.
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One of the issues that always comes up in discussions about patrolling is the need for commanders to be specific when they give a unit the mission to send out a patrol.
The sheriff's deputies patrol the system in other counties, but 90 percent of the response calls and citations issued are in Los Angeles County, Finkelstein said.
We use cradles to support the patrol boats and make them easier to transport," Whitehead said.
Local residents also expressed fear of the vigilante groups that have emerged in tandem with the rapid expansion of Border Patrol activity in this region.
In the past 2 years, the Missouri State Highway Patrol conducted 822 saturation patrol operations, arresting 1,666 drivers for DUI.
Drivers can help by slowing down near to schools and in places where a patrol is working.
The study will also shed light on the potential occupational risk to patrol troopers.
Some of them still physically abuse the Latinos they detain; a few months ago, the local newspaper reported that several El Paso apartment dwellers witnessed a Border Patrol agent verbally abusing and battering two Mexican women--one of them clutching her grandson--who had crossed the border illegally.
28 /PRNewswire/ -- The Ohio State Highway Patrol announced today that Telephone Devices for the Deaf (TDD) have now been installed at every Patrol Post in the state.
The extra patrols at shopping centers this year include reserve officers, members of the city's Citizens on Patrol program, the Bicycle Patrol Team and regular officers in their patrol cars.
The Border Patrol is still hopelessly undermanned; they can't even hope to come close to fulfilling their mission of protecting our country if we don't increase personnel, replace outdated equipment, and resume sweeps.
Patrol Officer Problem Solving and Solutions constitutes a much-needed and timely book devoted to a subject that has grown in importance, popularity, and application in American policing.
Since the mid-1980s, the Border Patrol has been beefed up with personnel and weaponry - ostensibly to fight a "War on Drugs" against invading hordes of wetback narcotraficantes.
PATROL is a stand-alone service that assists businesses in preparing for and responding to crisis situations.