You bet your sweet patoot(ie)!

exclam. You can be absolutely certain! (Patootie is the buttocks.) I’ll be there! You bet your sweet patoot!
See also: bet, sweet

You bet your sweet patoot!

See also: bet, sweet
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As much as my brother is a pain in the patoot at times, I wouldn't want to see him decapitated.
Trouble is though, back in the '90s, apparently paper files were all the rage rather than the memories of computers, so you can bet your sweet patoot that it will be up to the people affected to seek out their refund, rather than the councils to proactively contact those who qualify for it.
Imagine my relief when I found out it didn't stand for Georgie's Diddy Patoot.
Let's just say my widening patoot is more to do with that pesky Victoria and her sponge than it is an increase in nappy size.
Of course there are always naysayers that lazily declare the exams are getting easier, which I find a bit of a pain in the patoot.
I wonder how much time she has spent posing on her patoot for painters?