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0002 may not carry the life-or-death implications that tolerance in other aspects of life does, but it still requires the patience of Job, understanding of Confucius and dogged determination of Einstein to, at times, bridge and resolve
Weld, who has shown the patience of Job with his horse in an illustrious training career, always kept the faith and let the horse do the talking on the track.
Captured on two videos, the encounter offers a glimpse of the challenges faced by police, who uniformly revealed the patience of Job.
Nerves of steel and the patience of Job are some of the qualities most parents, bus drivers and commuters need if they are travelling along the Janabiya Highway during the week.
If you don't want to end it you'll need the patience of Job.
David Lanigan, who has some 50 horses, has had to exercise the patience of Job with viral problems in his yard.
We have become trapped in a quagmire of incomprehensible rules, regulations and turgid form-filling that defies belief, and the patience of Job.
Judging by Emma Holding's long list of engagements - she's slaved over Dirty Dancing routines, taught one couple to strut their stuff to a heavy metal number and showed a confetti crash mob Grease can be the word, the Sutton Coldfield businesswoman must possess the patience of Job.
The name was chosen to remind us to have the patience of Job as we work with our residents.
How I wish my legs could dance A pleasure I've really missed I'm afraid there's not much change While my spine is doing the twist How I wish my legs could walk A stroll without any pain I'd set off for New York Instead of Memory Lane I wish I could go for a jog Lose weight with the other men And then go on the grog And put it back on again I wish me feet could take flight I'd run right round the globe For God knows in my plight I need the patience of Job by Andy Shaw, Birkenhead
Alistair would have needed the patience of Job to cope with the man next door telling him how to do his job, even in easy times.
like have More to the point he appeared to ha transformed himself into an all round decent human being, family man elder statesman figure with the patience of Job.
Senator Hatfield had the patience of Job and the disposition of a saint.
I felt that he not only displayed the patience of Job but also the judgment of Solomon in his summing up and subsequent punishment of Cllr McTigue.