paths cross

somebody's paths cross

if two people's paths cross, they meet by chance It was a pleasure to meet you. I hope our paths cross again soon.
See also: cross, path
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This thrilling story follows what happens when - unbeknownst to them - their paths cross after an armed car robbery.
I hope next season they get promoted and I hope our paths cross again.
to topple Mikati Future Rahi meets Future delegation to congratulate him for appointment as Cardinal Siniora: Solution with a neutral salvation Cabinet to reduce tension Al-Akhbar Jumblatt to Burns: No new Cabinet without dialogue and end of boycott Daily Star World watches as America votes Obama Romney paths cross in Ohio, focus of the nation's attention in nail-biter election March 14: Unseating Mikati won't lead to power vacuum Syrian Rebels bring fight to Damascus O.
Each player can deploy a handful of traps to hinder the other's progress and engage in basic button-mashing fisticuffs should their paths cross.
A BANK-robber and a Marshall find their paths cross several times after he kidnaps her and escapes from jail.
As their paths cross in several cities, they are drawn to each other both by their differences and their seemingly parallel passions--until a menacing incident forces her to reevaluate his actions and her own feelings, and throws her into a creative crisis.
Their paths cross again many years later, when Pip (now played by John Mills) is drawn into the web of Miss Haversham (Martita Hunt) and her beautiful ward, Estella (Valerie Hobson).
Like the original, the timeline goes backwards and forwards as characters' paths cross, but it's a little easier to fathom.
If their paths cross Earth's orbit, they can strike our planet at speeds that average 20 kilometers per second (or 43,200 miles per hour).
As their paths cross, the emotional roller coaster that exemplifies their lives is vividly captured in Kellgren's reading.
IN one city on one day, 24 seemingly unrelated people find their paths cross and lives become linked in unpredictable ways in Sgript Cymru's vibrant drama Ghost City.
May our paths cross as we meet each other along the way, and may our students ultimately gain as we discover our authentic selves and what it means to be a teacher.
Conference organizers and faculty will appreciate and remember your contributions, and the attendees are more likely to recognize and remember you favorably should your paths cross again in the future.
Hope our paths cross soon when I begin my new venture (address below) in Jan.
We do share a lot of mutual friends and our paths cross from time to time.