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Hopelessly and contemptibly inept, worthless, or pitiful. He came in with another one of his pathetic excuses. When will he just take responsibility for his own actions! Anyone who bullies those weaker than themselves is pathetic, you know that?

(I'm) sorry.

an expression used to excuse oneself politely or apologize, especially when one has collided with someone, when one has offended someone, or to ask someone to repeat what has been said. "I'm sorry," I said to the woman I bumped into. I'm sorry, what did you say? I couldn't hear you.


and pathetic
mod. pitiful; drawing ridicule or scorn; worthy more of condemnation than pity. (In colloquial use these words are usually used in sarcasm and disgust.) You are one sorry bastard! You are a pathetic person and a pathetic example of a quarterback!


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It has some visuals--like men in protective spacesuits--but the danger from lingering toxic chemicals and bacteria has been largely ignored, as has the pathetically small amount of money that has been budgeted to remediate environmental (read: health) problems.
In some of his smaller photographs, Schmelling isolates details, illuminating pathetically preserved doll parts, old advertisements, and trashed audio cassettes--an inventory of cultural flotsam and jetsam.
More important, even if it were true, it would in no way abrogate historians' obligation to get at a humanly complete set of sources for so much pathetically misdirected rage.
Pathetically directed by Pamela Hall, the cast includes several handsome men with good singing voices who deserve better than Trolls.
They operate as American embassy officers and are pathetically easy for our enemies to spot.
Where a group assimilated almost to the point of invisibility, as with the Spanish Jews, the lists are pathetically small.
Tire pianist stopped playing as I struggled pathetically to stand up.
You guys aren't pathetically impressionable are you?
HBO (that's Hedonist Box Office) is receiving more showers of media praise for its Emmy award-winning Sex and the City, a sex-com (that's sex comedy) revolving around the pathetically vacuous lives of fashionable Manhattan jezebels.
In truth, there was pathetically little the medical community could offer beyond the devastating recommendation to live as an invalid.
After the delightful urbanity of the nineteenth-century Neo-Classical ideal city which stretches westwards from the harbour and the main square along the elegant Esplanade and its parallel streets, everything until recently ground to a halt in a series of scattered formal object buildings connected only by dreary roads, railway sidings and bits of greenery that pathetically aspired to be parks.
Indeed, if AOL's own corporate history is any guide, far from offering slimmer and slimmer pickings to an increasingly captive and dissatisfied audience, "AOL Time Warner" will be pathetically desperate to deliver more and more stuff at better and better prices to restless and demanding subscribers.
Her heroes often find themselves scavenging on the margins of society: Transients like the ever-present panhandlers - some wily, some industrious, some pathetically desperate - discover ways to battle daily indignities with laughter and small acts of kindness; friends like Nan, "holed up in high-rise hell" and fighting poverty and diabetes, beat back the lure of suicide by simply sharing a conversation with a friend; and strangers like an unknown woman, falling to her death from the Barham overpass, realize they are unable to beat off the lure of suicide "in a metropolis gone mad, where the only politics is survival and success is measured in multiples of zeroes.
Finally, Israel, the Jewish state, must cease to ignore the greatest Jew of all time-compared to whom all other illustrious Jewish names appear pathetically puny-Jesus, the anointed.
We were pathetically naive about the Vietnam war, civil rights, and governmental reform and, in the end, frivolous and superficial in our political commitments.