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(I'm) sorry.

an expression used to excuse oneself politely or apologize, especially when one has collided with someone, when one has offended someone, or to ask someone to repeat what has been said. "I'm sorry," I said to the woman I bumped into. I'm sorry, what did you say? I couldn't hear you.


and pathetic
mod. pitiful; drawing ridicule or scorn; worthy more of condemnation than pity. (In colloquial use these words are usually used in sarcasm and disgust.) You are one sorry bastard! You are a pathetic person and a pathetic example of a quarterback!


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References in classic literature ?
The efforts of some of the men and women, who in many cases were over fifty years of age, to learn, were in some cases very pathetic.
The christening robe with its pathetic frills is over half a century old now, and has begun to droop a little, like a daisy whose time is past; but it is as fondly kept together as ever: I saw it in use again only the other day.
These are the ghosts that go wailing about old houses, and foolish wild stories are invented to explain what is all so pathetic and simple.
His blank-verse translation of Homer, published in 1791, is more notable, and 'Alexander Selkirk' and the humorous doggerel 'John Gilpin' are famous; but his most significant poems are a few lyrics and descriptive pieces in which he speaks out his deepest feelings with the utmost pathetic or tragic power.
The story of Burns' mature life is the pathetic one of a very vigorous nature in which genius, essential manliness, and good impulses struggled against and were finally overcome by violent passions, aggravated by the bitterness of poverty and repeated disappointments.
Mr Western having finished his holla, and taken a little breath, began to lament, in very pathetic terms, the unfortunate condition of men, who are, says he, "always whipt in by the humours of some d--n'd b-- or other.
THE Public Water Forum was yesterday branded a pathetic attempt by the Government to restore its credibility.
She told the ECHO: "These responses are pathetic and I will be tabling further questions to get more information.
Shearer, in his role as pundit, said on the BBC: "They were pathetic.
It's pathetic - after everything he has put me and the children through it is simply pathetic.
Mrs Williams said: "It's pathetic, after everything he has put me and the children through it is simply pathetic.
But not before Wrexham AM Aled Roberts replied: "I welcome the council's new found transparency in describing its own Executive Board as pathetic.
Had the father of Nawaz Sharif been alive, I would have asked him about the reason of Nawaz Sharif's pathetic helplessness", she deliberated.
And if it's simply that he looks seedy and pathetic with his clothes off, he shouldn't worry.
London, October 13 ( ANI ): Sharon Osbourne has revealed that her husband, Ozzy Osbourne's drug relapse was pathetic.