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When the tractors spin their tires, they pile up a lot of dirt, but my pothole patcher did a great job of dragging the dirt back into the holes.
Patcher, my Lady Kilmacullock's woman, "to wash gaze, and refrash rust silks and bumbeseens" (43), much as Hannah had "dizened" up her mistress like a queen ("Grand Question" 102).
The first patcher to arrive on Bannon Street was the Rosco RA-300.
Chettle was probably Danter's reader, and an intermediary between Danter and the authors, as well as working as compositor, patcher of texts, publicist, and epistle-writer.
Dubbed Patcher, the attack has made the rounds through torrents.
In 2000, Kartush described a new simple device designed to be inserted into the perforation made out of a very soft silicone in the shape of a sealed tympanostomy tube called the TM Patcher, which is self-stabilizing without adhesives.
To do this in the most cost-effective way possible we are using new techniques, equipment and materials such as the jet patcher to repair potholes and new tarmac surfacing mixtures.
He worked as a patcher for more than 30 years at Roseboro Lumber, retiring in 1995.
A road repair patcher is being used on the streets.
A glazing compound, a filler for cracks and drywall holes, a roof patcher, a contractor-grade duct tape and a toy fingerprinting kit all contained asbestos.
Brochure describes Pro-Patch pothole patcher that allows a one- or two-person crew to patch holes in minutes.
Speaking after the court case Gerry Patcher, the woman's defence solicitor, said: ``She has ne ver been in trouble before.
There's the Singer 209K15 patcher and two Singer sewing machines, all circa 1950 and functioning as sweetly as ever.
He worked for Georgia-Pacific his entire career, working as a panel patcher and millwright.
Gateshead magistrates heard there was an incident at the factory on Dukesway South on October 25 last year when a worker was working at a window patcher machine.