He that would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a pastime

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He that would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a pastime.

Prov. Being a sailor is so unpleasant that anyone who would do it for fun must be crazy. Old Sailor: Why did you decide to go to sea? Young Sailor: I thought it would be fun. Old Sailor: He that would go to sea for pleasure, would go to hell for a pastime.
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All the hereditary pastimes of Old England were transplanted hither.
There are those who have used all their arts to persuade me to undertake the support of some poor family in the town; and if I had nothing to do -- for the devil finds employment for the idle -- I might try my hand at some such pastime as that.
Some half-dozen of his brothers and kinsmen had gone to the wars, of whom only one had survived to come home, with a small pension, and three bullets in different parts of his body; he had shared Benjy's cottage till his death, and had left him his old dragoon's sword and pistol, which hung over the mantelpiece, flanked by a pair of heavy single-sticks with which Benjy himself had won renown long ago as an old gamester, against the picked men of Wiltshire and Somersetshire, in many a good bout at the revels and pastimes of the country-side.
I suppose that, on the whole, people were less worked then than they are now; at any rate, they seemed to have more time and energy for the old pastimes.
Finding us distinguished, as a nation, by our love of athletic exercises, the little man, in the innocence of his heart, devoted himself impromptu to all our English sports and pastimes whenever he had the opportunity of joining them; firmly persuaded that he could adopt our national amusements of the field by an effort of will precisely as he had adopted our national gaiters and our national white hat.
This suggested itself as the very best thing that could possibly be done with him: the probability being, that the skipper would flog him to death, in a playful mood, some day after dinner, or would knock his brains out with an iron bar; both pastimes being, as is pretty generally known, very favourite and common recreations among gentleman of that class.
The retail sector, with shopping now a national pastime, has created a fertile market for foodservice and restaurant players.
Murdoch and his mounds of billions will complete the transformation of baseball as a stodgy national pastime into a fast-action TV event.
Baseball, America's favorite pastime, is a sport that fans pay close attention to team and individual statistics," said Frank Giovinazzo, President & CEO of Rockwell Enterprises.
The reality of greed in professional sports fuses with fiction in National Pastime (Xlibris; April 12, 2002; $22.
Not just a pastime or a fad, like macrame and decoupage in their '70s heyday, scrapbooking combines crafting and archiving to attractively package and preserve a family's history, said Michelle Weston, owner of Party Smart in Glendale.
We look forward to working closely with the Cardinals to deliver America's favorite pastime to Redbird fans throughout the American heartland.
celebrities to decorate "The Great American Pastime," Edison International's
Soccer is indisputably a Hispanic pastime and as the number-one Spanish-language television network for soccer sports action, Hispanics will be tuned to Univision for the most extensive World Cup coverage available in the U.