past prime

past (someone's or something's) prime

To no longer be in an ideal state or condition. Many gymnasts are past their prime when they are only teenagers. This computer is so slow that it's definitely past its prime.
See also: past, prime

past someone's (or something's) prime

Fig. beyond the most useful or productive period. Joan was a wonderful singer, but she's past her prime now. This old car's past its prime. I'll need to get a new one.
See also: past, prime
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This consultation is an open procedure adapted from past prime contractor under section 28-i of the Procurement Code.
The bright yellow walls that line the spiral staircase showcase pictures of all the past Prime Ministers complete with their signatures.
It was a special experience climbing the famous staircase lined with the photographs of past prime ministers.
twice, presented himself for accountability and stressed that the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and all past Prime Ministers should also present himself for accountability.
Sources say deep divides are still left over from past prime minister Nour al-Maliki's reign, when Sunni-dense areas like Mosul were heavily patrolled, and Shiite allies were overwhelmingly favored for ministerial roles and country-resource control.
Whereas there is nothing new about prime ministers or, for that matter, premiers, attempting to redefine and reorient Canadian identity to reflect their vision of the country, Harper's efforts over the past decade are different from those of past prime ministers, not because of the extent of this reshaping, nor because he shapes us from a Conservative rather than Liberal direction, but because, as several commentators have suggested, he shapes us without a vision of Canada or an ideal of citizenship worthy of allegiance at all.
It is regrettable that such sincere feelings towards this issue as expressed in these measures have not been positively received in the Republic of Korea," he added, noting how 2 million yen in atonement payment was provided per person along with personal letters expressing apologies and remorse by past prime ministers.
That's for sure following another year in which this enterprising School has enjoyed numerous successful activities, from some pupils meeting the current and immediate past Prime Ministers, Mr David Cameron.
Rajnath Singh also attacked the Congress for only highlighting the success of the Nehru- Gandhi family and ignoring the contribution of past prime ministers like Lal Bhadur Shastri.
Most supermarkets already contribute some of their past prime food to soup kitchens and food pantries serving the poor, although these programs tend to be inconsistent.
The final preparations are now being made for a funeral which will bring together past prime ministers, political and cultural icons, First Minister Carwyn Jones and Welsh singers Dame Shirley Bassey and Katherine Jenkins.
No other past prime minister, with the honourable exception of Sir Winston Churchill, has had massive public funding for their funeral, so what makes Margaret Thatcher the exception?
Prominent Canadians, like past prime ministers and other VIPs such as Pierre Burton.
SPRINGFIELD - The Past Prime Time Players will hold auditions for singers 50 and older for their next show, "Sing the U.