pass the hat around

pass the hat around/round

to collect money from a group of people We're passing the hat round for Simon's leaving present.
See also: around, hat, pass
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Donors from rich and developing economies gather every three years to pass the hat around to raise funds for the Bank's International Development Association, or IDA.
Let's pass the hat around and help our unfortunate compatriot return home while she can still travel," OKOR chapter leader Jauhari Usman said.
Residents of the private road in Sonning, near Reading, Berkshire, have told police they will pass the hat around to stop Vic Moszcyznski and his family putting on their annual display.
Spare a thought and pass the hat around for that Labour oldie, Lord Hattersley.
45 for a melon fan, you won't need to pass the hat around to eat here.