pass along

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pass something along

 (to someone)
1. to give or hand something to someone. Would you kindly pass this along to Hillary? Please pass along my advice to Wally over there.
2. to relay some information to someone. I hope you don't pass this along to anyone, but I am taking a new job next month. Could you pass along my message to Fred?
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pass along something (to somebody)

also pass something along (to somebody)
to give something to someone pass something on (to somebody) Reporters passed along the information as they heard it. If you don't want the book, you can pass it along to someone who does.
Usage notes: also said about something given to younger people: I wanted friends and family to be able to pass along some special memory about my father after his death. Women can also pass the gene along to their children.
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Eager to expand its business, Discover Card allowed Arlington County, and later other governments, to pass along its transaction fees and negotiated fees that were lower than Visa and MasterCard.
Similarly, many employers expect to pass along any increases in costs, whether directly or indirectly related to health reform: Slightly more than 40 percent of employers report that they are likely to pass along cost increases, and another 23 percent are highly likely to pass the cost increases along to workers.
1 -- color) ``In teaching, you get to pass along what you love to do,'' said famed studio musician Carol Kaye, 70, of Newhall.
AT&T plans to pass along the savings one month early to consumers enrolled in its popular AT&T True Savings (sm) plan.
We're pleased to pass along these savings as quickly as possible to our customers all along the East Coast.
As housing costs continue to soar, the Los Angeles City Council on Wednesday authorized a study of its rent-control program in a move that could allow landlords to pass along more of their costs to tenants.
We're pleased to pass along these savings to our customers in Union, Middlesex, Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, Morris and Mercer counties.
The Fourth Floor blogger is staunchly defending his anonymity, insisting in a series of e-mail exchanges that it gives the protection needed for City Council staff workers to pass along sometimes-sensitive information.
The heavy rain is expected overnight tonight and Tuesday morning in the valleys, with snow along Highway 14 and in the Grapevine pass along Interstate 5.
This allows us to pass along benefits to our plan members, including low associated costs, investment flexibility, and fiduciary services.
The heavy rain is expected tonight and Tuesday morning, with snow in the Grapevine pass along Interstate 5.
The company's utility recovery program is expected to pass along utility expenses to tenants but higher heating costs may temporarily weigh down on earnings over the next couple of quarters until the program is fully implemented.
Southern California Edison recently settled a federal lawsuit it had brought against the California Public Utilities Commission seeking to pass along higher energy costs to ratepayers.
Pacific Northwest utilities recently secured permission from their regulators to pass along the higher wholesale costs they are paying to purchase natural gas supplies for their customers," said Kirschner.
Dave Heylen, spokesman for the California Grocers Association, said it is unclear whether grocers will pass along to consumers a 12-cent increase from a historic low.