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Many partyers attend Lane Community College or the city's high schools.
Tea partyers, dismissing reports of their demise, say they're ready to use their unbending political force against both President Barack Obama and the Republican establishment.
Compared with their more moderate Republican or Democratic peers, tea partyers and liberals are significantly more likely to oppose the collection of millions of ordinary citizens' telephone and Internet data, an Associated Press-GfK poll shows.
Guy Cecil, executive director of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, argued that the presence of tea partyers in primaries is forcing all Republican candidates to race to the right.
But the board's president, Marilyne Wiechmann, is leading a minority opposition movement against the ``party animal,'' saying it presents an image of Glendale residents as drunks and partyers.
Not only will partyers have the chance to hear the entire "Straightaways" release, but they'll get the chance to take part in a special promotion through CD Now.
Tea partyers and conservative activists helped the GOP claim the House majority in 2010 and seize state legislatures that redrew congressional boundaries to the GOP's advantage.
Talk of a party, however, spread throughout Hart High School as rumors do, and about 150 partyers showed up, Harris said.
WASHINGTON -- A slice of corporate America thinks tea partyers have overstayed their welcome in Washington and should be shown the door in next year's congressional elections.
In Iowa and across the nation, the GOP is in the midst of an internal war pitting tea partyers like Cruz who argue for ideological purity against more mainstream Republicans advocating a more pragmatic, inclusive party approach to governing.
Boehner publicly and privately raised the possibility of a House vote although he faces strong opposition from tea partyers even more resistant to giving President Barack Obama a domestic achievement after the recent rancorous fight over the partial government shutdown.
If he's telling the truth, then one of the world's renowned great partyers must be focused on tonight's fight and the few that will follow.
The effort hit a wall this month in the budget and debt fight, but tea partyers promised to keep up the effort.
In the '60s, Kesey was a trend setter among hippies and a leader of the Merry Pranksters, a band of partyers and performers who roved the West Coast.
Perhaps worse, the store was leaving open its parking lot at night, attracting trash-throwing, late-night partyers and trouble.