party piece

somebody's party piece

something funny or strange that someone often does to entertain other people in social situations Chris can wiggle his ears - it's his party piece.
See bring to the party, piss on party
See also: party, piece
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With former Aston Villa and West Brom defender Liam Ridgewell leading the side, Portland returned home to a huge victory celebration - and Joey showing off his party piece.
Clarke's past his sell-by date and Hague's yesterday's party piece.
But his party piece is making the money in fruit machines rattle.
I have promised to sing my party piece at Christmas and have forgotten some of the lines.
The Stravinsky is, of course, Salonen's ultimate party piece.
Sea Products International (part of Fisher Foods) is marketing the sushi as a low fat icebreaking starter or elegant party piece.
They have decisively withdrawn Aesop's Fables from children, and present them instead as the equivalent of a journeyman artist's pattern book, supplying sallies, anecdotes, and epigrams for the party piece, the political speech, the satirist's diatribe, the cleverclogs op-ed writer.
We would all sit around the Catacombs eating lunch, but each day one of us would stand in the middle and do our party piece - be it singing a song, telling a few jokes, handstands or recite a poem.
Think you don't have a party piece and want to find one?
But McCall lets home–based players know they're being carefully watched, even if he sounds like he could sing Yorkshire folk tune On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at as his party piece.
If there's one must-have party piece that emerged from this season's catwalks, it's the racy red dress.
Three-set triumphs are becoming something of a party piece for the 13thseed, who was also a set and 5-2 down against Maria Sharapova in the previous round before powering into the last eight.
Itv Wales is looking for rugby fans to show off their party piece or pub talent as part of a six-part series called Fans TV.
He's uncomfortable with the easiest Gallic surname but his party piece is Frank Leboeuf, which comes out as Frank Le Boff, as in the former Grandstand presenter with the not-so-secret double life.