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The Hands On Crafts for Kids episode illustrates how to use Activa's Celluclay Instant Paper Mache as Katie and Jenny made a pinata party bowl.
com/Tostitos to re-live the surprises from the "Tostitos Homecoming Party Bowl.
5-ounce Party Bowl Salad Blends come in Spring Mix or Spinach and are featured in a bowl designed to go from store to table.
At a convenience store on Kester Avenue in Van Nuys, Cifredo Bustillos and others who worked in the area enjoyed a huge shrimp cocktail party bowl as Bustillos celebrated Father's Day with his son.
The surprise Tostitos Homecoming Party Bowl was made possible through a partnership with Got Your 6 and the Pat Tillman Foundation.
The complete list of Tostitos Homecoming Party Bowl participants included:
The NFL Collection takes on stoneware platters, party bowl, chip 'n' dip and a cookie mold.