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These led them to execute every diabolical scheme; and, on the fifteenth day of August, commanded a party of Indians and Canadians, of about five hundred in number, against Briant's station, five miles from Lexington.
So valiantly did our small party fight, that, to the memory of those who unfortunately fell in the battle, enough of honour cannot be paid.
In October following, a party made an excursion into that district called the Crab Orchard, and one of them, being advanced some distance before the others, boldly entered the house of a poor defenceless family, in which was only a Negro man, a woman and her children, terrified with the apprehensions of immediate death.
Well;if you wish me to stay and join the party, I will.
In short, he had hitherto acted the part rather of a spectator than of a party in the tournament, a circumstance which procured him among the spectators the name of Le Noir Faineant, or the Black Sluggard.
At once this knight seemed to throw aside his apathy, when he discovered the leader of his party so hard bestead; for, setting spurs to his horse, which was quite fresh, he came to his assistance like a thunderbolt, exclaiming, in a voice like a trumpet-call, ``Desdichado, to the rescue
But Prince John adhered to his own opinion, on the ground that the Disinherited Knight and his party had lost the day, but for the powerful assistance of the Knight of the Black Armour, to whom, therefore, he persisted in awarding the prize.
On the 10th of April they again embarked their party, being now augmented to twenty-six, by the addition of Mr.
Hunt arrived with his party at the station near the Nodowa River, where the main body had been quartered during the winter.
Warily the party advanced again behind these new guides; but when they reached the spot they sought, the cause of the Dyaks' panic had fled, warned, doubtless, by their trained ears of the approach of an enemy.
It was a long and tedious hunt and we followed many blind leads, but at last we came off an island upon which natives had told us such a party as yours was living.
The political parties which have submitted their party's assets details include: Awami Party Pakistan, Pakistan Brohi Party, Tameer-i-Pakistan Party, Pakistan Muhammadi Party, JUI-F, Awami Muslim League Pakistan, Tehreek-e-Tabdeeli Nizam Pakistan, Pakistan Bachao Party, Pakistan Social Justice Party, Pakistan Awami Tehreek-i-Inqilab, Muhajir Kashmir Movement, Tehreek-i-Istiqlal, PPP-Shaheed Bhutto and Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party "A certificate signed by the party leader must accompany the statement of accounts stating that no funds from any source prohibited under the Political Parties Order, 2002, were received by the party and the statement contains an accurate financial position of the party," says ECP.
Who: Committee to Draft Michael Bloomberg, Independent Green, and Green Party candidates on the ballot in 2010.
I chose to join the Libertarian Party because at this time in our nation's history, it's fundamentally essential to join a party, work with a party, that's 100 percent committed to protecting liberty," Barr told me the day his move was announced.
Nonetheless, it remains true that the potential costs and burdens that nonparties will face in dealing with electronically stored information raise distinct issues that are not often prominent in party discovery.