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partition (something into something)

to divide or separate something into something [smaller]. I will partition this room into two separate spaces. Do you think you can partition this box into four compartments so we can store files by quarter?

partition something off

to divide off a section of something. They planned to partition the basement off. We will partition off a larger area.
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partition off

To divide or separate something by or as if by means of a partition: The construction workers partitioned off each office with drywall. My vacation was almost ruined when my wallet was stolen, but I've partitioned that event off from my memories of the trip.
See also: off, partition
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Partitioned Database Facility increases IMS full function database capability by 12,800 percent -- expanding a VSAM database and indexes set from 4 to 500 gigabytes and expanding an OSAM data set from 8 gigabytes to 1 terabyte.
A unique feature of the LynxOS-178 architecture is the brick-wall partitioning of memory, time and device resources coupled with POSIX compatibility, which ensures that safety-critical applications can execute in a "Virtual Machine" environment that is strictly partitioned, highly protected and completely isolated from other applications.
Before the design is partitioned, any number of reserved areas may be drawn on the board.
With LynxOS-178, it also enables each task to run protected in its own space for uncompromising reliability within a hard partitioned virtual machine, enabling easier application certification.
As a result, the ES7000 can be logically partitioned into isolated server environments -- dozens of virtual machines executing workloads simultaneously.
INTEGRITY-178B's partitioned architecture and guaranteed resource availability greatly simplify the development, deployment, and certification of safety-critical military and aerospace systems.
The design is then decomposed into its individual logic blocks and can then be effectively partitioned across multiple FPGA devices through unconstrained manipulation of the design hierarchy.
Early benchmark results show typical ASIC designs that are run through the Certify software using Quick Partitioning Technology are able to be automatically partitioned onto a custom board, often in under a minute.
OTCBB:CAWC) Wednesday announced the installation of an IBM Logical Partitioned AS/400 (LPAR) computer at The Education Resources Institute (TERI) in Boston.