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participate (in something) (with someone or something)

to take part in something with someone or a group. I will not participate in this activity with you. They don't participate with our team in this contest.
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The total installed capacity of ECyR's participated wind farms in Spain amounts to 780 MW, representing a 20% market share in the country as of December 31st, 2002.
NRC acquired the Picker family of surveys last year and participated in the preparation of survey results and reporting for the first PEP-C survey.
We are pleased with the number of buyers and suppliers who participated in the launch and expect many more buyers and suppliers will get involved as we continue pilot operations during the fourth quarter.
households participating in frequent shopper programs (FSPs) increased for the fourth consecutive year, reaching 70 percent in 1999-- double the number of households that participated in 1996, according to the Fourth Annual Frequent Shopper Survey released today by ACNielsen U.
Estherwood Prospect - Acadia Parish, Louisiana: During the fourth quarter of 1999, Fortune participated in a re-completion project designed to test a previously un-produced sand lens in a formerly prolific field, now abandoned.
Since 1992, 589,274 skiers have participated in the program, redeeming savings certificates at 12 different New England ski resorts.
Throughout the province more than 170000 youngsters participated in various exciting sports activities.
1 Countries of individuals who participated in PCR 2012 Figure 2.
In Lahore, Model Town ,Union Council 150 participated in Cricket tapeball matches.
In a 2000 study, Fritschner found that in 344 observed class sessions; an average of seven students (25%) participated verbally in class.
Second, to treat the $20,000 rental loss from XYZ as nonpassive, M must have materially participated in the activity.
State Farm Insurance and Southern California Edison participated in a pilot Los Angeles County program in 2002 and 16 additional companies participated in the October 2003 election.
The expected number of reports per hospital was the number of days a hospital participated in surveillance, calculated from the date of the first report received to December 17.
Partners not included in the above categories but who were located in an office or practice unit that participated in a significant portion of an audit.
The taxpayer has participated in the transaction under conditions of confidentiality.