part hair

part someone's hair

1. Lit. to divide someone's hair into separate sections while combing it. The barber asked me where I parted my hair.
2. Fig. to come very close to someone. (Usually an exaggeration.) That plane flew so low that it nearly parted my hair. He punched at me and missed. He only parted my hair.
See also: hair, part
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1 Prep and part hair however you like--try brushing it straight back, like on our model, or sweep strands into a side part for a halfsie style.
To apply, simply dispense the product onto a non-porous surface, part hair to help maximize scalp exposure and massage it into the scalp and allow to dry.
Make sure you part hair into sections and apply Wella SP Straightaway before blow-drying with a high watt hairdryer.
Part hair to one side, then comb each side back, wrap around the bun, pin and spray.
At 53, the flame-haired, black-pleather-wearing Streb--three parts muscle and sinew, one part hair mousse (to keep her fauxhawk haircut energized)--lives in a downtown New York loft with an Abyssinian cat (on permanent rat patrol) and the feminist journalist Laura Flanders.
Part hair in center, then tame flyaways with styling pomade.
Next part hair in the middle and, with a pair of tongs, curl some sections inwards and some sections outwards.
Part hair on one side, using a comb to pull it back diagonally.
Step 1: Part hair into four equal ponytails and tie with scrunchies.
Before going to bed, part hair to one side and plait into a few chunky plaits.
Part hair in the middle, braid into two pigtails, then pull them up to meet on the top of your head, forming a hair headband.
Simply part hair at the crown and gently tease, then firmly place Bumpits(TM) Hair Inserts behind part line, and spray with hairspray.