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parrot (someone's) words

To repeat verbatim what someone else has said or is saying. When you're teaching students a new language, it does them little good to just have them parrot your words—they have to understand the mechanics of the language itself. The three boys encircled the fourth, parroting his words of protest in mocking tones.
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(as) sick as a parrot

Thoroughly displeased, disappointed, or dejected (about something). Primarily heard in UK. Tim was as sick as a parrot when he learned that he had been passed over for the promotion. I'm delighted that my children have such wonderful opportunities abroad, but I must say I feel sick as a parrot at the thought of being separated from them for so long.
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  (British & Australian)
if you learn something parrot-fashion, you are able to repeat the words, but you do not understand their meaning
Usage notes: A parrot is a bird that can repeat words and noises it has just heard.
When I went to Sunday school, we had to recite passages from the Bible parrot-fashion.

be as sick as a parrot

  (British humorous)
to be very disappointed Tim was sick as a parrot when he heard Manchester had lost the match.
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