parrot fashion

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By rote, without knowing or understanding the actual substance of it. You will also be tested on how to apply these rules to real-world scenarios, so don't just learn to recite them parrot-fashion.

parrot fashion

If a child learns something parrot fashion, they learn it by repeating it many times, but they do not really understand what it means. Under the old system pupils often had to repeat lessons parrot fashion. There are no books, pens or chairs here, just a blackboard and a dirt floor where 150 dusty children sit in rows, learning their words parrot fashion. Note: Some parrots are able to imitate human speech, and repeat words and phrases, although they do not really understand what they are saying.
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(learn, repeat, etc. something) ˈparrot-fashion

(British English, disapproving) (learn, repeat, etc. something) without understanding the meaning: When we were at school we used to learn history parrot-fashion; all I can remember now is the dates.
This idiom refer to the fact that parrots can learn phrases and repeat them after you without understanding what they mean.
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She said: "We learned and remembered things parrot fashion.
Dave has written four books: Sporting Questions, Parrot Fashion (Robsons Books); Soccer Brain (Milo Books); Liverpool FC - The Ultimate Book of Stats and Facts, with Ged Rea (Bluecoat Press); Everton FC - The Ultimate Book of Stats and Facts, with Gavin Buckland (Bluecoat).
I wasn't just typing up parrot fashion without reading and absorbing what they were doing.
Gone are the days of sitting at a desk all day, fearing your teachers and learning reading, writing and arithmetic, parrot fashion.
People often take it for granted I'm a fluent Welsh speaker, because I've played characters with strong Welsh accents and have even acted in Welsh learning the lines parrot fashion.
I'd much rather meet teenagers capable of thinking for themselves, with their own ideas and opinions, rather than ones who spout knowledge parrot fashion without any real concept of what it all means.
I found it was better to work using codes and pictures rather than trying to write everything down parrot fashion,' she said.
In days gone by, youngsters were herded into Victorian buildings and forced to learn their times tables and alphabet parrot fashion.
She said, ``They do not start learning academically until they are seven and then they learn the subjects inside and out instead of cramming it into their heads parrot fashion.
I had to learn all the words, if you'll forgive the pun, parrot fashion.
Each time Johnson is praised he makes an even better record and Parrot Fashion may be his finest yet.
The are proof that the call centre stereotype of a high pressure environment where staff regurgitate scripts parrot fashion is diminishing.
The way they were read out in class a week later showed that far from being from the heart, the lines were learned parrot fashion, with no regard whatsoever for the form and structure of the words.
I feel that even if they are prepared to learn the name of our village parrot fashion, they may be prepared to go on and learn Welsh properly.