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(out) on parole

out of prison, conditionally, before one's total sentence is served. Bob was caught using drugs while out on parole and was sent back to prison. He has to be careful and obey the law because he is out on parole.
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Talking to journalists after his meeting with officials of department of mineral resources and development, at the departmental office set up within his residence, he said that during 2003 and 2005, more than 35 criminals were released on parole.
Deliberating over the technicalities of parole system, the minister said that prisoners jailed over cases under judicial review were released on a parole period of 8-10 hours only after which they were bound to return to their jail cells.
McGiverin said that granting medical parole to inmates like Rash would save the state millions of dollars each year.
In a recent report, he noted that granting parole to "infirm" inmates would save the state $42.
Downs appeared via video link before the Oregon parole board.
State law changed this year allowing the parole board to defer a parole-eligible inmate's hearings beyond two years if it thinks the convict won't exhibit enough change in that time to warrant prison release, said the board's executive director, Jeremiah Stromberg.
The goal of this Note is to explore the implications of Blakely's animating principle for parole supervision--both in the context of parole revocation proceedings as well as in back-end sentencing more generally.
In the second part of the paper, I apply the Blakely principle to parole revocation hearings, exploring whether this principle requires factual findings by a jury beyond a reasonable doubt to revoke parole and return parolees to prison.
The 5-2 decision by the Supreme Judicial Court builds on a December 2013 ruling that found mandatory life sentences for juveniles without the possibility of parole is unconstitutional.
Supreme Court decision that struck down such mandatory life sentencing laws, and opened the door for dozens of people in Massachusetts convicted of first-degree murder to seek parole after at least 15 years behind bars.
During his budget vote speech on 16 July 2014, the Minister said: In November 2014 we expect to launch a video-conferencing system in all 53 Correctional Supervision and Parole Board (CSPB) offices in South Africa.
Although phenomenal progress was made since 2009 in mobilising victims to participate in parole hearings of the CSPB, from just 108 to 1125 cases per year, this still represents less than five percent of hearings that result in parole placements of offenders that roughly reaches 25 000.
Dutt had applied for parole to the Pune divisional commissioner Prabhakar Deshmukh and was granted 30- day parole on the recommendation made by the prison officials.
In following internationally recognized and empirically supported practices, the Massachusetts Parole Board has moved to adopt a risk and needs assessment instrument for use in institutional and community correctional settings.