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parlay (something) into (something else)

To use a particular quality, asset, or trait so well or strategically that it becomes something even more valuable. He was able to parlay the negative press against his competitor into a successful ad campaign that ended up giving him a huge boost in business. When I was an intern, I parlayed my tech skills into a part-time job overseeing the publishers' e-book production.
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parlay something into something

Fig. to exploit an asset in such a way as to increase its value to some higher amount. She is trying to parlay her temporary job into a full-time position. Alice parlayed her inheritance into a small fortune by investing in the stock market.
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parlay into

To work with or manipulate some quality in order to make it something of value: She parlayed her ability to make people feel comfortable into a successful career as a therapist. The politician was able to parlay the people's complaints into a successful campaign strategy.
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The Parlay X gateway software is based on the Open Source licence products and implemented on the J2EE platform and was developed by AvavaNet, a Russian company, under an agreement with Iskratel.
Whether they're headed for work or college, Priesz and his staff have encouraged students to think beyond the next step and parlay their skills and studies into a career through professional workshops and internship opportunities.
The women's basketball team (24-7) looks to parlay its momentum from its first Golden State Athletic Conference tournament championship in the first round of the NAIA playoffs against Pikeville (Ky.
The club hockey team, hoping to parlay momentum after upsetting previously undefeated Wagner College the day before, was eliminated in the American Collegiate Hockey Association Division III National tournament in Michigan on Friday by losing to Hope College 1-0 on a power-play goal.