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keep (one's) head below the parapet

To hide or remain inconspicuous in an attempt to avoid trouble or danger. I wouldn't say anything right now—just keep your head below the parapet for the time being.
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put/stick your head above the parapet

to be brave enough to state an opinion that might upset people Kearton was one of the very few to put his head above the corporate parapet and speak his mind in public.
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References in classic literature ?
As she spoke, she threw open the latticed window which led to the bartisan, and in an instant after, stood on the very verge of the parapet, with not the slightest screen between her and the tremendous depth below.
Last week he hurled the local blacksmith over a parapet into a stream, and it was only by paying over all the money which I could gather together that I was able to avert another public exposure.
For people had found out how fearful and vast and silent was the force of the savage secret society, and by the time Flambeau and Father Brown were leaning on the parade parapet in April, the Black Man meant in England almost what he once meant in Scotland.
She stopped and leant her elbows against the parapet of the embankment.
The young lady paused in front of his bench, near the parapet of the garden, which overlooked the lake.
We shall not try to give the reader an idea of that tetrahedral nose, that horseshoe mouth; that little left eye obstructed with a red, bushy, bristling eyebrow, while the right eye disappeared entirely beneath an enormous wart; of those teeth in disarray, broken here and there, like the embattled parapet of a fortress; of that callous lip, upon which one of these teeth encroached, like the tusk of an elephant; of that forked chin; and above all, of the expression spread over the whole; of that mixture of malice, amazement, and sadness.
He leaned against the parapet and looked towards the morning.
It is D'Artagnan, no doubt," said Porthos, in a voice of thunder, approaching the parapet.
They caught upon it, and from each sprang a nimble little figure and ran towards the parapet.
A largish piece of the biscuit the Emperor was holding in his hand broke off, fell on the balcony parapet, and then to the ground.
When they had crossed the road, Rodney slapped his hand upon the stone parapet above the river and exclaimed:
At first they sought to discover his location in No Man's Land; but when an officer looking over the parapet through a periscope was struck full in the back of the head with a rifle bullet which passed through his skull and fell to the bottom of the trench they realized that it was beyond the parados rather than the parapet that they should search.
It was pitiful to see Cornelius, dumb with grief, and pale from utter prostration, stretch out his head through the iron bars of his window, at the risk of not being able to draw it back again, to try and get a glimpse of the garden on the left spoken of by Rosa, who had told him that its parapet overlooked the river.
Leaning on the parapet of the balcony, Agnes looked vacantly into the black void beneath.
Within hailing distance they set up such a loud shouting that presently heads appeared above the top of the parapet and soon answering shouts were rising from within Fort Dinosaur.