par excellence

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somebody/something par excellence

someone or something par excellence is the best or most extreme example of its type China is the destination par excellence for the young and trendy these days.
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Announcing the schedule of Book Mela here, NBF Managing Director Prof Dr Inam-ul-Haq Javed said,"This time, 6th National Book Day will be memorable and marvelous as we have a comprehensive plan of events and functions par excellence there.
In addition to UAE citizens and residents, this showcase of heritage par excellence is expected to attract visitors from all over the world.
With a weekly frequency, operations will continue until September 15 to encourage the enjoyment of the attractions offered by nature in this area, described as a sun and beach destination par excellence.
She added that Mehdi Hassan was a legend of his time and will always be remembered as an artist par excellence.
Dubai: Serial entrepreneur par excellence and social activist Sir Richard Branson will address the who's who of the UAE's CEO's and top executives in du's CEO Forum 2014, the fifth held under du Leadership Series.
Everything about the Delhi airport - be it lighting, dAcor, passenger comfort, seating arrangements - is par excellence.
Il a explique que cette chanson, ecrite par le poete Mohamed Hanafi, le parolier par excellence de la troupe Izenzaren, devrait paraEtre, durant cet ete, dans un album de dix chanson intitule "Al Baraka".
Fehmida has been a par excellence and non-controversial Speaker National Assembly during past five years of PPP rule, being totally impartial and fair.
Also starring Channing Tatum and Catherine Zeta Jones, SideEffects is a dark, twisty drama par excellence - and the first great thriller of 2013.
The Notting Hill-born musician - who has been honoured with an Ivor Novello award, a BBC Radio lifetime achievement gong and the Orville H Gibson award for best acoustic guitar player - has always been a guitarist par excellence and however more so than on this, where he is back on top musical form both lyrically and musically.
The Civil par Excellence campaign held a press conference at the Egyptian Cultural Club on Saturday to announce their plans to defend the civil state of Egypt.
This, par excellence, is where cell therapy has its proper application.
The home club's security staff, jobsworths par excellence, were insisting that credentials be shown, bibs be worn and only fell short of demanding that DNA samples be given.
HAVING just returned from the Town Hall, where the Honley Male Voice Choir, together with Lesley Garrett, put on a 75th anniversary concert, we feel we must write to publicly express our appreciation for a superbly presented programme, a melange par excellence of classical and showtime pieces.
Charm El-Cheikh, cette station balneaire de tous les gouts se veut un joyau inestimable, et de fait, elle l'est par excellence.