paper over the cracks

paper over the cracks (in something)

Fig. to try to hide faults or difficulties, often in a hasty or not very successful way. (Based on paper over something {2}.) The politician tried to paper over the cracks in his party's economic policy. Tom tried to paper over the cracks in his relationship with the boss, but it was not possible. She didn't explain it. She just papered over the cracks.
See also: crack, paper

paper/smooth over the cracks

to hide problems or faults, especially arguments between people, in order to make a situation seem better than it really is The two-party coalition has so far been successful in papering over the cracks. (sometimes + in ) I'm tired of smoothing over the cracks in our marriage - I want a divorce!
See also: crack, paper
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This draw, which lost 126 overs to wet weather on the opening two days, will not paper over the cracks of a Glamorgan side who are still at the foot of Division Two.
PAUL Collingwood tried to paper over the cracks of another disastrous England one-day display.