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I admit I love my family and I really like lots of things but – hand on heart – I'm not pantingly passionate about anything.
Even FDR's dog Fala is pantingly immortalized in bronze.
Cable political TV, apart from MSNBC (which fired Phil Donahue in 2003 for presenting both sides of Bush's fabricated drive to invade Iraq) is a race between the wildly hysterical Beck-types and Bill O'Reilly pantingly trying to out-do Beck, even though O'Reilly knows better.
murmured the lady libertine, as she pantingly sank into the arms of the eager youth, who whispered, as he pressed her yielding form to his wildly throbbing heart--'I am yours, my Venus
At moments like these, you realize this is not a film protesting American totalitarianism; it's one that eagerly, pantingly, desires it.
Give it to me: She clutched hold of the mask and breathed short and deeps pantingly, making the respirator click.