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Kasturba Panda Ki Pantie is on at Akshara Theatre, Baba Kharak Singh Marg, on Nov 16, 17 & 18.
Unlike the Australian man with an apparent fetish for panties, Cornelio stole the undies inside homes, not from clothelines.
Pistol Panties boasts a celebrity clientele which includes Moss, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker.
A New York City-based importer and distributor of women's intimate wear, Panties Plus products include lingerie, panties, bras, tops, and other garments.
Nab a pair of Spanx Power Panties, pounds 20, at www.
We saw a niche in the market for a sexy cabaret and so Pink Panties was born.
I confess I get really turned on when I see him in panties.
Bronson, 52, dubbed Britain's most violent inmate for a string of assaults, said: "Why am I locked up in a prison with sex monsters being allowed to wear bras and panties and being called girls' names?
Using the brand name of Pretty Panties, Louise Skingle, Lucy Bond and Tessa Alonzi have been designing and making a range of frilly knickers that have been selling like hot cakes in Newport market.
Valued at about $7,500, the panties were stolen from a store counter while an employee was in a back room.
Kern's lens peeps through windows and half-open doors to capture glimpses up his models' skirts or down their blouses, locating panties or nipples.
The same store was hit twice last year when 300 pairs of women's panties were swiped.
Seeing 8-year-old dancers in Lycra bras and panties covered with rhinestones strutting across the stage like they're well-trained exotic dancers is offensive to me.
Venezuelan generals recently admitted they'd received more than 140 pairs of panties.
The player is on a mission to photograph specific styles and colors of panties worn by supermodels to satisfy three testosterone-driven aliens and keep them from blowing up the Earth.