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pander to (one)

To cater to those with base, vulgar, or undesirable tastes or opinions, specifically with the intent of gaining their favor. The movie definitely panders to those only interested in blood, guns, and explosions. The candidate is in a bit of hot water after accusing his opponent of "pandering to the lowest common denominator" of voters.
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pander to someone or something

to cater toward undesirable tastes or people with undesirable tastes. All your writing seems to pander to persons with poor taste. You are pandering to the moral dregs of society.
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pander to

To cater to or indulge someone's lower tastes or desires, especially in order to win his or her favor or gain an advantage: This bawdy television show panders to people with sophomoric senses of humor.
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Generally speaking, the pandering provision (33) prohibits offers to provide and requests to obtain child pornography.
Pandering is not illegal but it is immoral It is doing the convenient when the right course demands inconvenience and courage.
If legislators wrote the pandering laws to stop the traffic in women, they designed the red-light abatement acts to crush the vested interests of the Vice Trust.
Moorpark Road, who was arrested on suspicion of pandering.
I would like to know if Grampian NHS is as willing to provide cancer drugs, like the one which breast cancer victims are having to go to court to fight for, instead of pandering to people who have inflicted this on themselves.
Co-ordinator Rob Lawrence said: "You're pandering towards the fears of many in the community.
The Conservative leader's remarks came as he was accused of pandering to xenophobia by audience members at aTV show.
That pandering claim, meant to be racially polarizing, is also false.
Last fall, on the other hand, a jury in the same county convicted Jennifer Dute, who offered porn videos starring herself for sale online, of pandering obscenity.
She might be accused of orientalism, of preying on or pandering to Western fascination with a culture that is virtually closed to the rest of us.
Dalton (22), of Columbus, was charged with pandering obscenity involving a minor after his probation officer found the journal during a routine search of his home.
Presidents of average popularity tend to be the most responsive to public opinion when an election looms, "even if he believes it is not in their (the voters') best interest," and that, says Shotts, is pandering.
This is not always the club's fault, but when Mr Sullivan questions fans' loyalty over falling gates, they realise that pandering to l i should realise that pandering
Given the women's wardrobe of miniskirts, thigh-high boots and midriff-baring tops, this could be seen as a nod toward naturalism rather than pandering to the movie's young male demographic.
The Army in early March charged three paratroopers with sodomy, pandering, and engaging in sex acts for money on a gay pornographic Web site.