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pander to (one)

To cater slavishly to those with inferior, vulgar, or undesirable tastes or opinions. The movie definitely panders to those only interested in blood, guns, and explosions. If you don't like those things, see something else. The candidate is in a bit of hot water after accusing his opponent of "pandering to the lowest common denominator" of voters.
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pander to someone or something

to cater toward undesirable tastes or people with undesirable tastes. All your writing seems to pander to persons with poor taste. You are pandering to the moral dregs of society.
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pander to

To cater to or indulge someone's lower tastes or desires, especially in order to win his or her favor or gain an advantage: This bawdy television show panders to people with sophomoric senses of humor.
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Platystrophia King, 1850 (Brachiopoda, Orthida): proposed conservation of usage by designation of Porambonites costatus Pander, 1830 (currently Platystrophia costata) as the type species of Platystrophia.
Pander came to the United States with Lynch, a young Portland woman with whom he had spent time hitchhiking around Europe.
Had Christoph Metzelder's header been on target when he met a Pander free-kick the England keeper charged out to catch without getting anywhere near, Robinson's face would have been as red as the German shirts.
There was no denying the quality of his finish after Micah Richards had capped a thrilling solo burst by slipping a pass inside Pander to provide Lampard with the chance to flash home his 13th England goal.
Clockwise from top: Christian Pander scores Germany's winner, England's David Beckham is dejected after the defeat, Paul Robinson's howler and Frank Lampard celebrates; Steve McClaren last night
The extent to which Republicans pander to Latinos never ceases to amaze me.
They probably deserved it for their greater urgency in the second period after Germany displayed the sharper edge in attack in the opening quarter of the contest with Schalke duo Pander and Mike Hanke prominent.
Tony Blair does not want to keep out immigrants or pander to the right-wing.
Meanwhile--and this may interest Texans especially--the president is pushing a Social Security plan that would pander to illegal immigrants.
This artistic one-to-one reimagination doesn't pander to fetishized production values but engages instead in a bricolage of both abstract and palpable historical material.
Mr Trimble is continuing to pander to the `No' camp.
Deciding how far to pander to the needs of purchasers may well be the most important decision companies will make in the future.
It's an old rule of campaigns that politicians must pander to their base in the primary, then shift to the middle for the general election.
Concluded Wickham, "I don't agree with all that he says, but I celebrate his refusal to join the ranks of the church zealots of the left or the right, or to blindly align himself with those politicians who pander to them.