pan for

pan for something

to search for a precious metal, usually gold, by using a pan to locate the bits of metal in sand and gravel in a stream bed. When I was in Alaska, I panned for gold in a little stream set aside for tourists. The old prospector spent many hours panning for gold.
See also: pan
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Successive Bake-Off entries continued to use the pan for a variety of cake and other creations.
Beware that the dotted area of the handle (an ill-advised design feature) gets hot if you use the pan for a long time.
Jennifer Meyer has been with PAN for more than nine years and has enabled both established companies and start-ups to break into new markets across several different enterprise software industries, from BPM and CRM technologies to application security.
VARIATIONS: BUNDT CAKE: Substitute a 10-inch bundt pan for 9x13-inch baking pan.
These companies selected PAN for strategic public relations support and represent continued growth for the firm.
Photo (Color only in SAC edition) In his spare time, John Patwell likes to pan for gold along California's and Washington's rivers with his family.