fade into insignificance

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fade/pale into insignificance

if something pales into insignificance, it does not seem at all important when compared to something else When your child's ill, everything else pales into insignificance. With the outbreak of war all else fades into insignificance.
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Although both teams will be wanting to win for various reasons, at the end of the day the result will probably pale into insignificance.
By comparison Cameron's failures pale into insignificance.
Indeed, with the Candystripes preparing for an FAI Cup Final in the Aviva Stadium against St Patrick's Athletic in two weeks time, tonight's game will pale into insignificance - but not for Derry boss Peter Hutton.
THE Group 2 Juddmonte Beresford Stakes tops the bill at the Curragh today with Aidan O'Brien attempting to equal Vincent O'Brien's record of 14 wins in the mile event for two-year-olds, but for many young riders the serious business of the day will pale into insignificance as they get the opportunity to display their talents during the afternoon.
The few jobs Aldi will will pale into insignificance when you consider the that will be lost After committee members agreed to hear all speaKers, they were told the store's design was had an "inappropriate retail parK aesthetic" for a conservation area.
MUGGINGS, robberies, rapes and murders pale into insignificance when cops go on an undercover sting to catch a barman who serves one roll instead of two.
That is 6,000 times the annual GDP of France and makes the EU debt crisis pale into insignificance.
All I would say is that these men deserve every piece of praise that can be thrown at them because believe you me, the suffering they endured in those terrible days in the Burma campaign make the Afghanistan war pale into insignificance.
The one-off cost of creating the local equivalent of the Greater London (General Purposes) Act 1974 would pale into insignificance in terms of the on-going cost savings from fewer kerb and pavement repairs.
As to the so called omnishambles, while the coalition has been rightly condemned for its failures they pale into insignificance with that of the Labour Party - taxes on pasties etc.
ONCE again I find myself writing on the subject of arboreal destruction, but the Highfield House cedar and the Hall Green Parade service trees pale into insignificance beside the carnage I witnessed in Shirley Park.
Because an event like this puts sport into perspective, a game of football really does pale into insignificance when something so incredibly sad like this happens.
Oddly, these pale into insignificance next to the front half - made from 750g Canadian Ammolite, the oldest rock in the world at 75 million years, the Daily Mail reported.
While the challenge was an immense test we continually reminded ourselves our endeavours pale into insignificance compared to the sacrifices servicemen and others like them have made during recent years.
Mind you, the prices below pale into insignificance compared to what you'd get from scrappage.