pale in comparison

pale in comparison (with something)

also pale by comparison (with something)
to seem lacking in importance or quality than something else I thought I had a frightening accident, but mine pales in comparison with yours.
See also: comparison, pale
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There are also two wildly different campaigns - the more sneaky Nav'i missions have their moments, but pale in comparison to the gung-ho human missions.
Envirowise said: "The fuel crisis will pale in comparison to the impact that limited water supplies and resulting price hikes could have if businesses continue current consumption levels.
While it may pale in comparison to recent earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes, it cut a swath of death and destruction of unparallel proportions along Long Island and into New England.
Therefore, the contestations around race found among the Generacion del '30 pale in comparison to those found in the island as a whole, and should not be read as representing the investments of the majority of Puerto Ricans then or now.
It's a sad day for fans of Indy car racing, even if they pale in comparison to the NASCAR throngs that converge on California Speedway twice a year.
But according to consultant Donald Light of Celent Communications, those investigations could pale in comparison with the potential consequences should the FBI pursue criminal convictions, particularly given the old saw that no financial services firm has ever survived criminal indictment.
It is ironic that these allegations now pale in comparison with the scams the Russian Government itself employed to nationalize Yukos.
The Fed's puny rate increases pale in comparison to the interest spiking potential of the twin deficits--in trade and the federal budget.
Net foreign direct investment hit $29 billion in 2003, up 16% from 1994, although both figures pale in comparison to the $79 billion invested in Latin America in 1999 alone, when foreign banks, telecommunications and energy companies bought assets across the hemisphere.
Marijuana has been shown to be an effective treatment for a wide range of diseases, and its side effects pale in comparison to those of many other leading drugs.
With a smarter storage network, the difference in the time spent on planning, downtime and implementation pale in comparison.
Jim Motavalli responds: Desmoulin's points have some minor merit, but they pale in comparison to the far larger environmental benefits of the TGV, especially considering the cars and planes the train passengers would otherwise use.
AS FAR AS REALITY TV goes, cockroach eating and skydiving pale in comparison to the wedding-day jitters that plague the subjects of Bravo's deliciously gripping reality miniseries, Gay Weddings.
A California State University, Bakersfield professor has debunked the myth that the academic performance of students in online courses may pale in comparison to students who benefit from the face-to-face interaction of a classroom.
But such annoying but harmless tricks pale in comparison with the discovery of the body of George Reilly.