pale beside

pale beside someone or something

Fig. to appear to be weak or unimportant when compared to someone or something. He is competent, but he pales beside Fran. My meager effort pales beside your masterpiece.
See also: beside, pale

ˈpale beside/next to something


ˈpale in/by comparison (with/to something)


ˈpale into insignificance

seem less important when compared with something else: Last year’s riots pale in comparison with this latest outburst of violence.
See also: beside, next, pale, something
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But while the hired help's highprofile, all the performances pale beside Hey Pretty Girl, a tale of rock and roll simply told by Jansch and his virtuoso guitar.
He is already represented by Anna Kournikova's agents Octagon and enjoys a clothing deal with adidas, but whatever passed as riches before will pale beside the money about to come his way.
But they all pale beside a dazzling Duelling Banjo.
WHATEVER pain Scotland manage to inflict on South Africa tomorrow, it will pale beside the kicking administered by Joel Stransky.
More reflective are Don't Believe Anything I Say and Flights to the Sea, but they all pale beside organ-driven Elvis Costello sound a like You Always Let Me Down.
Whatever pain Scotland manage to inflict on South Africa tomorrow afternoon it will pale beside the kicking administered by Joel Stransky.
Best are warm readings of Young hallmarks Helpless and After The Gold Rush, backed by piano and strings, but even they pale beside covers of Cohen's haunting Hallelujah and brilliant Bird On A Wire.
But even the achievements of those three greats are starting to pale beside the magnitude of what Lyons has achieved in Offaly.
But even they pale beside I Lay Down with veteran bluesman John Lee Hooker, which ends up sounding like Moby.
But not only does the care required in such "ordinary" protection pale beside the vigilance involved in Ebola exposure, the PPE itself is quite different.
I've read some heavy-duty attacks on Israel and Jews in my time, but they pale beside the anti-Semitic diatribe recently offered by Roger Waters, co-founder and former front man of the legendary British rock band Pink Floyd.
Meeting most or all of our respective domestic energy needs will be a massive breakthrough in itself, but even that will pale beside the fortunes to be had when the countries of the region are able collectively to serve as reliable partners for a veritable renaissance in Europe, one fueled by plentiful and relatively cheap hydrocarbons that revive the continent's competitiveness and productivity.
The numbers pale beside the 70,000 deaths in Syria as reported by the United Nations.
Still, the short form isn't Doctorow's forte (the two previous story collections pale beside his better-known novels), which makes the relative success of All the Time in the World that much more of a pleasant surprise.
But all of them pale beside the towering title track which somehow makes a drama out of a minor key change and emerges as one of the songs of the year.