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He may paint and carve only as long as he can do that.
Well, then, you shall order another sign-frame of the smith; you shall paint six physicians, and write underneath
Ah, if I only knew how to paint, myself, sir, so that I might lend a hand
I hold to my offer; do what you can, and I will buy what you paint.
No man must presume to think that he can paint your ideal.
Boiling oil," said she, with a flush of honest shame, "and a shillingsworth o' paint.
The difficulty," she said, "is not to paint pictures, but to get frames for them.
It was because the engaging toy had been redecorated by loving hands; there were fresh gowns for all the inhabitants, and the paint on the furniture was scarcely dry.
He had a ready appreciation of art, and probably, with a taste for imitating art, he supposed himself to have the real thing essential for an artist, and after hesitating for some time which style of painting to select--religious, historical, realistic, or genre painting--he set to work to paint.
More than any other style he liked the French--graceful and effective--and in that style he began to paint Anna's portrait in Italian costume, and the portrait seemed to him, and to everyone who saw it, extremely successful.
Before we go a step further in this business we must see the petticoat that made the smear, and we must know for certain when that paint was wet.
No," he said, "we'll take the matter of the paint first.
Having settled the question of the paint, Sergeant Cuff, from that moment, gave his brother-officer up as a bad job-- and addressed himself to Mr.
All the signs visible--signs which told that the paint had been smeared by some loose article of somebody's dress touching it in going by.
Find out (first) whether there is any article of dress in this house with the smear of the paint on it.