paint the town

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paint the town red

To go out into a city or town and have a good time, usually by drinking alcohol and going dancing. After our exams finished, we all decided to get dressed up and paint the town red. A: "I was thinking I might go to a museum or the library." B: "Wow, you're really going to paint the town red, huh?"
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paint the town (red)

Sl. to go out and celebrate; to go on a drinking bout; to get drunk. I feel like celebrating my promotion. Let's go out and paint the town. They were out painting the town red last night.
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paint the town

See also: paint, town
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If any slots remain, teams can sign up on Saturday, March 17, during the Paint the Town Green festivities at the Irish market.
The second new Award for Corporate Social Responsibility saw FIMG Paints honoured as the SME winner for their Paint the Town Green campaign and PPG Architectural Coatings in the multi-national category for their Community Engagement Programme.
Pictured above at the Paint the Town Red after party are Ethan DeHoniesto and Hugo VanDiljk.
PAINT THE TOWN RED Rita Ora in scarlet dress and boots.
When there is no cat, rodents hold congresses and paint the town red.
It's our big chance to paint the town a vibrant shade of red.
WHERE does the expression paint the town red come from?
ONE of the most famous TV canines will be hoping to paint the town white and grey on Saturday.
IRELAND is getting ready to paint the town pink as the Giro d'Italia edges closer.
The exhibit is part of Middlesbrough town centre's plans to Paint The Town Red which has seen shop windows decorated with good luck messages for the team.
Her talents to capture the perfect picture have seen one shot she took, of St Mary's Lighthouse lit up during a storm, selected as the main image for the Paint the Town Pink breast cancer campaign on Tyneside.
1x Lulu Guinness purse, and a years supply of Vaseline Paint The Town Lip Tint, plus a tin for 20 runner-ups With party season almost upon us, get in the spirit with this festive offering from Vaseline.
The Care to Give Council hosts numerous events throughout the year; such as its signature 300 person Party for Pink which benefits Paint the Town Pink; as well as a bi-annual art show and luncheons.
The Pastoral show bears several similarities to last year's Paint the Town, Allan Small, a participating artist and frame designer for the gallery, said.
the Academy Art Museum will host its annual Paint the Town fundraiser in Easton, MD.