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Common paint remover (the hardware-store type) will not destroy the metal, and a chemical respirator (same source) will help guard your health, but the most important thing is to apply the solvent or paint remover outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
HEAVY-DUTY PAINT REMOVER tally safe paint remover designed toremove up to 15 layers of paint and varnish.
Varnish, lacquer, and oil-based paints can be removed from laminate by thorough cleaning using proper solvent or paint remover.
Los Angeles County crews also will collect household hazardous waste such as paint, paint remover, used motor oil, pesticides, aerosol cleaning products, lighter fluid and expired prescriptions.
Tony & Tina Nail Paint Remover, $10 We freely admit lust about any drug-store brand will take off your polish (though please look for the acetone-free variety).
Water and organic solvents, such as toluene or dichloromethane, the stuff of household paint remover, are made of molecules.
It was also used as an orchard spray and rust remover, and mixed with cornstarch, as paint remover.
Black explained that often graffiti removers apply a paint remover, power wash it off, and unless they have attacked the graffiti quickly, a shadow is left behind.
And, of course, paint remover is considered a household hazardous waste, making safe disposal as difficult as it is necessary.
To strip the wood, you need wax remover or paint remover (also effective on varnish), a scraper, a squeegee, and cotton rags.
The Paint Remover Manufacturing industry hit a rough spot during the recession, but recovered in the years after, posting minimal losses over the five years since 2007.
Paint remover turned it into a gloopy mess but worked to a certain degree by scraping it off.
DIY expert Donny Sheridan answers your problems QSOME time ago you suggested using Strip Away paint remover to remove paint from doors.
An electric paint remover, which contains a heating element similar to an electric appliance, is placed on the coated surface and pulled along slowly.