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up shit's creek (without a paddle)

rude slang In a challenging or daunting situation. I'm a single mother who just lost her job—I'm really up shit's creek right now. A: "I just found out that the school told my parents that I'm failing French." B: "Oh man, you're up shit's creek without a paddle."
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paddle one's own canoe

Fig. to do something by oneself; to be alone. I've been left to paddle my own canoe too many times. Sally isn't with us. She's off paddling her own canoe.
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paddle your own canoe

to be independent and not need help from anyone else We hoped that after he left college he'd paddle his own canoe.
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paddle one's own canoe

Be independent and self-reliant, as in It's time Bill learned to paddle his own canoe. This idiom alludes to steering one's own boat. [c. 1800]
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up a creek

Also, up shit creek; up the creek (without a paddle). In trouble, in a serious predicament, as in If the check doesn't arrive today I'm up a creek, or The car wouldn't start, so I was up the creek without a paddle. This slangy idiom conjures up the image of a stranded canoeist with no way of moving (paddling) the canoe. President Harry S. Truman used the first term in a letter in 1918. The first variant is considered vulgar.
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up shit creek (without a paddle)

and up the creek (without a paddle) and up a creek
mod. in an awkward position with no easy way out. (Usually objectionable.) There I was, at Disney World with only a measly $47.54. I was literally up the creek without a paddle. You are up a creek! You got yourself into it, so get yourself out.
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up the creek without a paddle

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up a creek

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The very next day he once again paddled the length of the Catalina Channel making him the only two time and three-peat solo SUP to complete the trip, this time while riding a SIC Bullet 14'.
Tyler Anastopoulos, a 17-year-old student in Wichita Falls said he has been consistently paddled by school officials.
A canoe is paddled by a single-bladed paddle with the paddler kneeling in the boat.
After we'd paddled past overhead, they'd have that enchanting underwater world to themselves once more.
Fortier, of Portland, was celebrating the fact that she had just paddled 18 miles on the Willamette River without capsizing - a fate she'd been unable to avoid during earlier practice outings on the Sandy and Clackamas rivers.
We laughed a lot, fell in the water when my dog jumped ship onto a little spit of sand, paddled past a cow lazily drinking, and finally paused for lunch along a smooth stretch of rock where the trees hung over us like awnings.
While Jill tried to warm the child as best she could, Ed paddled with the waves, aiming for the crowd on shore.
After a brief orientation and safety talk, we slid our kayaks into the lake and paddled south along the shoreline, past car-size boulders, forests of fir and sugar pine, and a pair of ospreys nesting atop a huge snag.
She only paddled me because I don't say those prayers.
Biarritz, France: Ever since the first surfers paddled out in Biarritz in the 1950s, this former whaling town on the Bay of Biscay has increasingly grown in popularity to become the surfing capital of Europe.
We paddled for three unhurried hours the first day and nearly six hours the second - time enough to become quite comfortable handling the boats.
George and I paddled twice, and then we were through and digging in below the last haystack, whipping the 16 footer around in the eddy below.
Women, kids, Girl Scouts and others met Bancroft and Arnesen and paddled with them at public canoeing events called "Paddle to Your Dreams" in cities including: Detroit, Mich.
The Macal River that we paddled may soon be underwater - a planned hydroelectric dam will flood the valley where howler monkeys and jaguars roam.
Forest Service has assigned John and Jim to interpret the resource for visitors; the two other kayak rangers survey the recreation possibilities in Misty--those two paddled some 900 miles of shoreline last year.