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His hands consisted of padded white gloves, with the fingers long and rather limp, and on his feet he wore Munchkin boots of blue leather with broad turns at the tops of them.
We traversed a trackless waste of moss which, bending to the pressure of broad tire or padded foot, rose up again behind us, leaving no sign that we had passed.
An instant later he heard the soft sound of a fur-clad body and padded feet scaling the outer wall behind the hut and then a tearing at the poles which formed the wall.
These padded shirts provide the wearer with a layer of conformal cushioning and support, yet react to help dissipate energy when an impact is applied, the company says.
It is constructed from soft material with padded side stays; fabri-foam[TM] material inserts minimize migration.
NASDAQ:MITY), designer, manufacturer and marketer of a variety of multipurpose room furniture, Thursday announced the introduction of a padded top table.