packed like sardines

packed (in) like sardines

Fig. packed very tightly. It was terribly crowded there. We were packed in like sardines. The bus was full. The passengers were packed like sardines.
See also: like, packed, sardine
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It certainly brought back a few memories especially the promotion game at Orient in 1972 when we were packed like sardines in a tin behind the goal where Bob got the winner, there was a bomb scare, a pitch invasion and, I think, the game didn't finish till well past nine o'clock and was it a 7.
Us mere mortals usually find ourselves with our faces stuffed into the sweaty armpit of an overweight stranger as we ride to work packed like sardines.
Some of his reminders: "You are your own altar guild; look after the small linens," "It's summer and they are packed like sardines, so brevity is appreciated.
The pleasure of standing on a hot, single decker bus packed like sardines, paying outrageous fares.
They were very close together and were laid out as if packed like sardines.
They sought refuge from the near-100-degree heat in hangars, under trees, any spot of shade they could find - the most popular spot being the Red Cross misting station, where air-show attendees packed like sardines under a tent of drizzle.